Premios AEEPP, herramienta de marketing

La revista Essential Magazine Marbella utiliza los premios AEEPP como herramienta de marketing. La empresa editora de Essential Magazine Marbella recibió, en 2011, el primer premio en la categoría de »Editor de Publicaciones Gratuitas».

Essential Magazine Marbella incluye en la portada interior la siguiente referencia a los premios:

Al the end of 2011, fhe largesf national association of publishers, the Asociación Española de Editoriales de Publicaciones Periódicas (AEEPP), selected essential Marbella Magazine as the Best Free Publicafion in Spain.
Over 100 titles  were considered nationwide in only a handful of categories for these prestigious annual awards and essential was proud to accept the limited edifion medal as its prize at the awards ceremony in Madrid.
This is a wonderful recognition for all fhe hard work put in by the essential team over the past 13 years and the perfect inspiration for them to continue to bring you a high quality publication every month that is always entertaining and informative.

Picture of Redaccion